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Assistants to Infancy(0-3) Assistants Course


AMI Montessori Orientation Course 

AMI 몬테소리 오리엔테이션 


Assistants to Infancy (0-3)

1. Introduction to Montessori

2. The Role of the Directress

3. The Role of the Assistant

4. Overview of the Planes of Development

5. The Child’s Mind from 0-6 years also touching upon Sensitive Periods, but emphasizing the power of the Absorbent Mind, particularly the Unconscious Absorbent Mind

6. Order: The importance of Order and Precision, with emphasis on the part Order plays in the development of the personality

7. Movement 0-3: Development of Movement and its significance for the child

8. Language: Development of, also taking into account the following elements:

• Preparation of the adult

• Use of language in general

• Vocabulary—correct, precise, rich, scientifically exact

• How to listen to children

• How to elicit language

• How to give a 3-period lesson

9. Independence: Development of, also taking into account different levels of independence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as conditions for interdependence

10. Prepared Environment: Home and Nido, Infant Community (the physical and the intangible)

11. Freedom and Discipline: Understanding the concept of Freedom from the Montessori point of view and the growth of Discipline as an inner development the foundation of which is laid from birth to three

12. Observation and its relevance (technique and recording of)

13. Music and Art

14. Maintaining the environment (indoor and outdoor)

15. Toilet learning in Nido and IC

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